Video calling

Video calling is a way of keeping in touch with your family and friends and the services you use.

Learn My Way has a course on video calling. It includes information on the different ways you can make video calls: 

The WhatsApp YouTube page has videos in different languages, including Arabic and Urdu.  

Some services are providing support via Zoom.

Zoom is a video calling tool that allows you to have video meetings with lots people at the same time.  

Find out how to get started with Zoom and how to join a Zoom meeting.

Setting up an email address

Which? magazine has a guide to setting up an email address for the first time.

Getting in touch with services

You can access a range of public services on the website. This include things like finding:

  • a GP
  • your local council’s contact details and website
  • out about benefits you might be entitled to

A Local Information System for Scotland (ALISS) has information on foodbanks, money advice and homelessness support.  


There’s lots of entertainment available for free on the internet:

Learn My Way has a course that covers watching and listening online

BT and ITV have created videos on culture and entertainment and how to download podcasts.